Balletone brings resources to fitness professionals and consumers interested in learning more about the family of programs. Browse the latest DVD offerings from Balletone, check out our latest music CDs, download choreography clips to create new workouts, or review training manuals to broaden your understanding of the Balletone programs.

Educational & Choreography DVDs

DVDs for Sole Synthesis, Standing Flow, Center Moves and the Fusion Fitness Training programs are available in the Balletone store. Whether you are interested in participating in a workout from start to finish or in need of new class design ideas, our professionally produced DVDs will help you. Look for more DVDs to come in the new year.

Downloadable Choreography

Balletone Instructors are always looking for new sequences to bring to their clients. Balletone delivers with Sole Snippets (video downloads) and Class Plans (written documents). Sole Snippets, the video downloads,  provides 16 to 32 count phrases that can be used in Sole Synthesis, Standing Flow or Center Moves classes. If you don't currently teach one of these formats, many of the snippets can be used in strength training, cardio interval or mind/body classes, as well. The Class Plans, the written documents, offer enough choreography to create complete Standing Flow classes. Look for more choreography options in the new year.


Balletone is a unique class that deserves unique music. Balletone partners with Muscle Mixes, and other music companies, to deliver a wide variety of CDs specifically designed with Balletone classes in mind. Whether you are looking for chill music to play in yoga or pilates, or upbeat sounds for a Sole Synthesis class, explore the CDs Balletone has to offers.

Home Study Packages

While we still encourage everyone to attend a LIVE training, we understand it might be difficult to find one close to you on a day you can attend. To capitalize on your interest and provide opportunities for more people to get in on the Ballet conditioning crazy, we are pleased to offer the Home Study option for the Standing Flow and Sole Synthesis formats. A guide will come with the appropriate manual, dvds and cds to help you navigate the Home Study. Plan to take 2-4 weeks to study the information and practice. You will then participate in an online test to receive your official MBA Certificate! This is all you need to provide documentation for your achievement. No CECs are awarded for the home study option as there is no way to adequately monitor the time that was taken to go through the course; however, anyone that participates in a Home Study may participate in a live training within a year at NO additional fee. After one year, you can attend a Live Training for our 'ReTrain' fee of $99 (consider this a refresher course). CECs are available during the live course! All Home Study participants that successfully pass their MBA Exam are afforded the same opportunities and privileges as a Balletone Instructor that is trained LIVE. You may also choose to upgrade your Home Study package and go for the Principal MBA distinction. You will participate in the online theoretical test as well as the VIDEO REVIEW of your teaching. We HIGHLY recommend this option for Home Study participants!

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