Balletone® Blueprint for Success™:

All Balletone programs are built on the key concepts that influence class development, design and delivery. Each workshop and instructor training teaches this proprietary success formula.

The Balletone® Blueprint for Success™ – CLASS CREATION

  • Remove equipment -   Less equipment equals less intimidation and elevated choreography, as well as instruction. The result: higher quality classes that are based in instruction versus distraction
  • Include ‘new’ patterns for increased muscular and neuromuscular benefit - Familiar movements with a slight variation to make the movements new while still providing familiarity and build confidence while creating new challenges. The result: success for participants and results that move beyond muscular to neuromuscular gains
  • Continuous movement for vertical core conditioning - FLOWing movements takes away downtime and necessitates core control throughout the workout. The result: a functional approach to core training; automatic control alongside the ability to move in and out of neutral with grace
  • Mindfulness in every step you take - Bringing focus and quality to each sequence creates awareness and concentrated effort. The result: personal responsibility and the ability to progress or regress the exercises at any moment within the individual’s control

The Balletone® Blueprint for Success™ – CLASS DELIVERY

  • Educate the Concept - Use dance conditioning methods (ballet exercises, Pilates concepts, and stretching techniques) to inspire the average person to move/exercise.
  • Get all levels moving quickly and easily - Choreography and the instructional methods used lend itself to being well accepted and ‘do-able’ by all students.
  • Shift from external focus to internal focus on quality & feeling of movement - Create a positive environment where the goal is ‘feeling the movement’ and having fun.

The Balletone® Program Descriptions:

Balletone offers three 'OFF the Mat' programs and, through Fusion Fitness Training, offers three "ON the Mat' programs. Learn more about each workshop through the descriptions and clips of actual workouts below.

Balletone: Sole Synthesis™

Training Information:
Balletone: Sole Synthesis is the perfect starting place for the Balletone programs. The Sole Synthesis Instructor training is designed to showcase the Balletone Blueprint for Success and highlight the fitness, dance/pilates and yoga pathways available.  Sole Synthesis is also a fabulous stand alone, fusion class that seamlessly blends creative movement sequences with mindful instruction for an incredible workout.

The Sole Synthesis Instructor Training will focus on how to seamlessly combine various disciplines (fitness, ballet, yoga) within one class using the fundamental teaching techniques and primary concepts of Balletone.  A basic overview of each of discipline’s unique attributes and theory will be reviewed and discussed along with how they can relate and compliment one another.  Objectives will be introduced with a theoretical approach and reinforced through practical application.  Skills and drills will allow the attendees to develop an understanding of how the educational elements of Balletone can be utilized to enhance group or one-on-one instruction regardless of the population or discipline being used.  This workshop is designed for group exercise, Pilates and Yoga instructors, and possibly personal trainers. 

Program Description:
When barefoot training meets strength, cardio and flexibility in one workout, fitness takes on a whole new meaning.  Sole Synthesis is “simplicity through triplicity” … no fancy moves here, the idea is to simply use a movement you’ve done for ages and transform it seamlessly in three different ways with ONE outcome – a proactive workout rooted in functional training that will leave you strong, centered, and actively flexible from the ground up.

Balletone: Standing Flow™

Training Information:
Balletone: Standing Flow is a fusion-style conditioning program, designed specifically for the non-dancer, blending training techniques drawn from dance, Pilates and fitness.  Balletone offers a fun, invigorating workout to develop core strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and flexibility without the use of equipment or props. Referred to as " for the millennium", Standing Flow keeps you moving, motivated and mentally focused with a body blasting workout that leaves no muscle untouched.

This Instructor Training will introduce the concepts and values of the Balletone program with a hands-on approach.  Objectives will be reinforced through practical application and participation.  Skills and drills will allow the attendees to develop an understanding of how the elements of Balletone can be utilized to enhance group or one-on-one instruction regardless of the population.  The workshop is designed for group exercise, Pilates and Yoga instructors, dance educators and possibly personal trainers.

Program Description:
Balletone®: Standing Flow is the ‘original’ Balletone workout blending dance and fitness into a mind-body exercise class that is an explosion of graceful movement. Created by Jody Hoegstedt as a new class designed to strengthen, stretch and motivate, Standing Flow creates a challenging mix of muscle conditioning and stretching exercises designed to lengthen, strengthen and energize the entire body with movements derived from Ballet inspired movements. By blending principles from classical Ballet, Pilates, stretching and fitness, Standing Flow delivers a unique approach to creating, delivering and enjoying exercise.

Balletone: Standing Flow - Warmup Video is available for purchase at the Balletone Store »

Balletone: Center Moves™

Training Information:
Balletone: Center Moves is a power-packed, cardio interval program, created with Balletone movements and training techniques, with a focus on increasing both the cardiovascular and muscular endurance challenge of Standing Flow workout.

The workshop focuses on using low-impact, yet variable intensity, choreography that is dance inspired, mixed with sculpting techniques and movements from the Standing Flow Workout to create non-stop, high energy interval-style, fusion workouts that develop core strength, muscular endurance, dynamic balance and flexibility.  An overview of cardiovascular training elements and the basic components of an interval style fitness workout will be addressed.  Balletone movement principles, teaching techniques and mind-body components will be identified, reviewed and discussed along with proper posture, body alignment and safety for teaching to an all level class.  This workshop is designed for group exercise, Pilates and Yoga instructors. 

Program Description:
Balletone: Center Moves is an interval style workout which alternates fluid, graceful, full-body movement with dynamic balance sequences to challenge muscular endurance, flexibility and core strength while improving body awareness.  In this fun, creative cardio workout you will be in non-stop motion, continuously working from one sequence to the next, with moves that incorporate dance, Pilates and fitness.  This power-packed workout alternates flowing fitness moves that get your heart rate up, with long-lever strength and balance exercises that challenge muscular endurance, active flexibility and core strength. Experience easy-to-teach, smooth moves designed to deliver a non-stop, high energy workout that keeps you moving, motivated and mentally focused.

Fusion Fitness Training™- Blended

Fusion Fitness Training is a unique blend of fitness conditioning, yoga, and Pilates. The course has been designed to provide fitness professionals with a deeper understanding of yoga postures and pilates exercise that can be fused with fitness strength, balance and flexibility exercises. Using fitness as the foundation of training, you will learn a progressive series of exercises and yoga postures that focus on core and stabilizing techniques that can be used in any group exercise class or to develop a new fusion based class. Fusion Fitness Training integrates mind-body awareness that involves breathing techniques, biomechanics of movement, exercise execution and mindfulness.  This program is designed to give instructors a fitness, yoga and Pilates blended class format that integrates mind-body practices to create a more meaningful workout.  This course is designed to give fitness instructors a deeper understanding of yoga and pilates to bring to your classes.

Fusion Fitness Training™- Integrated Yoga

(previously known as Yoga Focus)

Fusion Fitness Training - Integrated Yoga is a program designed specifically for the fitness industry to introduce the practice of yoga from a physical perspective.  In this course you will be taught the foundation of physical yoga postures that can be easily blended with fitness strength, balance and flexibility exercises.  The series of yoga postures presented in this workshop are specifically chosen to be taught in a fitness environment with the understanding of the fitness participants' needs.   You will learn mindfulness, attention to form, proper exercise and/or posture execution and breathing techniques that can be use in everyday workouts.  There is a strong emphasis on body alignment, movement technique and modifications for mixed abilities. At the end of this course, you will be able to teach a flowing yoga series that blends the knowledge of yoga and fitness to develop strength, balance and flexibility. 

Fusion Fitness Training:  Pilates Infused Core

Pilates infused core is the next evolution in pilates training.  This workshop will teach you how to combine the latest in core training, pilates mat exercises and evolved pilates exercises to enhance your core conditioning programs.    Learn the Fusion Fitness Training class design and systematic cueing technique to elevate your teaching.  The workshop is designed for instructors and personal trainers and includes in depth cueing techniques; increase body awareness, breathing techniques and functional abdominal training.  Come away with new and innovative ways to train and cue exercises for the core using fitness and pilates evolved exercises.