MBA - Master Balletone Ambassador Program

Balletone is passionate about protecting the integrity of its programs. LIve training is step one; but after a training we are interested in ensuring those that promote the Balletone brand are teaching in line with the Balletone philosophy. While Balletone initially offered memberships to instructors and licensed the program to individual facilities in efforts to protect the brand, our process has evolved. Instructors interested in being officially recognized as a qualified Balletone instructor are encouraged to go through the MBA & Principal MBA Program to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge of the program and to gain fabulous benefits only provided to MBAs!

After an instructor training course, individual instructors may apply for the Balletone MBA Program by taking an online exam and providing details of past teaching experience and future plans for their personal Balletone program.

After successful completion of the exam (scoring an 80% or better) and a review of the individual application, you earn the distinction of MBA: Master Balletone Ambassador.

As an MBA, you have the honor of:

  1. using the MBA title in your promotional materials
  2. using the official Balletone logo
  3. using the Balletone name (or name of the individual program for which you are trained)
  4. prominent listing on the Instructor Locator, including contact information to market your Balletone programs
  5. discounts on Balletone products and resources
  6. submitting choreography/class plans to be shared on the private MBA only section

If you believe you possess extraordinary skills as a Balletone instructor, you may elect to be reviewed for the Principal MBA level. Principal MBAs will be expected to have previously completed his/her MBA by completing the online application and exam. In addition, Principal MBA Elects will submit a DVD of his/her teaching skills to the Balletone offices for review along with a written class plan showcasing his/her understanding of the Balletone program for which they are seeking the Principal MBA distinction.

As a Principal MBA, you will have the honor of:

  1. all benefits of the MBA
  2. title of Principal MBA in the class locator
  3. additional discounts on products and future trainings
  4. opportunity to apply to become a Balletone Master Trainer

Both MBAs and Pincipal MBAs are available for each of the Balletone Programs (i.e. Standing Flow, Sole Synthesis, Center Moves, etc). Discounts are available for multiple MBAs. Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. The title of MBA or Principal MBA are lifelong, requiring no renewals.

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