Whether you currently teach group fitness, yoga, pilates or dance, you can benefit from learning more about Balletone®. Elevate your classes by bringing the Balletone® philosophy, teaching methodology and movements to your students.

Instructor Trainings

The first step to bringing Balletone to your facility is participating in an Instructor Trainings. Instructor trainings are usually 6-8 hours and provide continuing education credits from both ACE and AFAA. Master Trainers deliver theoretical and practical knowledge to interested instructors in a fun, non-intimidating environment that mirrors the experience our members should have that participate in our workout.

The Instructor Training is designed to teach you Balletone’s:

  • Signature Concepts
  • Signature Movements
  • Class Design Methods
  • Class Delivery Methods

The Instructor Training, combined with the corresponding Instructor Training Manual, is only the beginning; once completed, plenty of practice and study will be needed to teach an effective Balletone class. Of course, you may begin implementing the ideas you learn straight away (and we encourage you to do so). However, use of the program name is reserved for those instructors that take the next step and earn the Balletone® MBA and/or Balletone® Principal MBA. The MBA / Principal MBA Achievement helps us to protect the integrity of the Balletone® name while setting you apart as a distinguished fitness professional.

Check out our upcoming trainings and events listing to find out when a training is coming to a club near you. If you don't see a training in your area, you can get started right away with a homestudy.  Also, contact us and we'll make sure you're notified just as soon as something is set up in your area. You can go one step further and host a workshop in your club.

Continuing Education & Master Classes

Balletone educators provide shorter workshops and master classes to promote the Balletone programs. Continuing education workshops and master classes are the perfect introduction to the various programs, signature concepts, movements, and teaching techniques. Much of the information you learn can be used straight away, even before you attend an Instructor Training. Participate in 1.5 to 2 hour workshops at conventions throughout the US and Canada. Check out our upcoming trainings and events listing to find out where you can participate.

Educational Resources

If you happen to be in a location where Balletone is not headed your way in the near future, you can always get started by obtaining various Educational Resources.  Purchasing a Manual or the Starter Package is a great way to jumpstart your Balletone education. Visit the Balletone Store to find out more.