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Japanese Media


Inspired by 'Black Swan'? Try These Slimming Ballet Moves
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January 2010 Japanese Media - Balletone picked as the HOTTEST workout!


August 2008 Body Plus Magazine Japan!
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February 2008 - BareFoot Classes - SCW Newsletter: "Although cutting-edge, equipment-based classes are among the most popular group fitness classes in clubs today, the growing trend of a return to body-only, barefoot classes deserves attention."
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June 2006 - Feet need exercise, too, so try training barefoot! - Article featured in the Naples Daily News in Naples FL: "Runners and athletes are always searching for the perfect shoe to improve performance and reduce injury. But some say shoes are the problem, and the best solution may be training without them."
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May 2006 - Balletone Getting Many 'Healthy 4 Life' – featured on "To be honest, the first time I watched one of the classes, I thought it looked very easy. Then I brought myself in to take the class and within 10 minutes my legs were fatiguing and wobbling and stuff," said class instructor Rebecca Elliott. "So, I fell in love with it immediately. It was just a completely different way of training for me."
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March 2006 - Balletone: Heel and D'oh! - Featured article in The Washington Post: "Let's make two things clear: First, I am a sub-average dancer. Second, things get worse when I dance in gym clothes. (Picture a fireplug with hairy legs. Better yet, don't.) So why did I agree to attend a fitness class called Balletone? Ah, what I won't do for my readers."
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April 2004 - The Balletone Workout: Feature article as seen in Natural Health magazine: "Use a dancer's techniques to develop a sleeker, stronger, more flexible physique"... "It's easy to spot a dancer. Whether she's walking, reaching for something or just lounging on a couch, a dancer's fluidity and gracefulness are noticeable right down to her fingertips."...
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April 2004 - Balletone: The Dancer's Workout for everyBODY video is reviewed in Oxygen magazineas a "great alternative to Pilates, Balletone can be done without equipment and produce the same muscle-lengthening results"...
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January 2004 - Balletone video reviewed in IDEA Health & Fitness Source Marketplace / Connect to new products."Balletone" - the Dancer's Workout for everyBODY" offers the best of dance conditioning in an easy-to-follow fitness format designed to sculpt, tone and condition the entire body...
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December 2003 - Balletone program featured in Fitness Management magazine promoting new ballet-based exercise group programming.

October 2003 - Balletone featured in ECA News : Dynamic Group Fitness Programs Keep them Coming Back - by Jody Hoegstedt Presently, with new fitness centers opening despite our struggling economy, attracting new members remains difficult; so, diversification in group exercise programming for existing clientele entering the gym is paramount for revenue and retention opportunities...
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September 2003 - Balletone Video featured in Pointe Magazine. Ballet videos - and now DVDs - can be hard to find, so Pointe magazine has put together a sampling of the top 40 titles that any ballet lover would want. There's more out there, so check out the "where to buy" guide to begin your search. Find more detailed descriptions on...
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August 2003 - Balletone featured in ECA News : Dynamic Group Fitness Programs Keep them Coming Back - by Jody Hoegstedt Presently, with new fitness centers opening despite our struggling economy, attracting new members remains difficult; so, diversification in group exercise programming for existing clientele entering the gym is paramount for revenue and retention opportunities...
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July 2003 - Experience Balletone - The Dancer's Workout for everyBODY at Sara's City Workout Atlanta MANIA 2003! "We're very excited about presenting the Balletone program at the show,"" says Balletone President Jody Hoegstedt...
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July 2003 - Balletone Launches new product line and fitness tour. Balletone Inc. today announced the launch of a signature line of exercise videos, music CDs and "Balletone by Brazilia" fitness wear...
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April 2003 - Balletone mentioned in Club Industry Magazine - What's Hot, What's Not?
By Marti West "Record numbers of lycra-clad women and men joined health clubs in the early '80s to grapevine and pony in sweaty unison to the latest top 10. Aerobics was born... Dance and a Return to Fun"...
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March 2003 - Balletone program developer Jody Hoegstedt presents at ECA World Fitness
New York City Conference and hosts instructor training at AeroCentre Fitness Facility in King of Prussia, PA......
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December 2002 - Balletone featured in Club Industry Magazine: Keep 'Em Coming Back
By Laura Csizmar. "Hot new trends include ballet-training classes like Balletone and balance/core stability training classes"...
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Facility Testimonials

"As the director of group fitness of a large 5200 member, hospital based facility, we are always seeking programs that will provide our members with safe, effective exercise, as well as programs to improve their quality of life. Balletone fits the needs of many levels of fitness and, under the direction of Jody Hoegstedt, we are proud to be including this in our fall line up of classes. The exercises are presented in a well organized, extremely safety -conscious manner. In addition, the instructors learn HOW to teach, something other presenters do not always include. The material is presented in a skillful, professional manner, also enhanced is the trainees ability to present to our client base the same level of high standards Balletone has set. It was one of the most rewarding and educating weekends in the fitness facility we have had. Kudos!"

Shelley Seff, Group Exercise Director
LifeBridge Health and Fitness
Baltimore, Maryland

"...A completely fresh and innovative idea, Balletone classes have developed a strong and loyal following in our gyms. I believe the program has endless potential, serving our fitness industry's core demographics of women age 25-60."

Liesl Crooker, Assistant Manager,
Fitness Unlimited
Brookline, Massachusetts

Class Testimonials

"...A unique regimen offers a new twist on the workout...with the toning power of a platoon workout. Creator, Jody Hoegstedt has translated those smooth moves of a dancer into an exercise routine good even for those with two left feet."

(as reported by) Anita Brickman, News Anchor
ABC Action News, Philadelphia

"It helps balance out my very busy life. It also adds a whole new dynamic to my workouts each week."

Cameille Edwards,
Assistant News Director WPVI-TV Philadelphia

"As a businessman and father of four, Balletone is a wonderful way for me to take the stress out of body and provides a challenging strength workout with the benefits of stretching that I don't get with other workouts"

Steve Werbe
Director, Hercules

"This class completely compliments the core fundamentals of a Pilates workout, yet adds the dimension of having to execute many of the movements from a standing position which further develops the skills of balance and stability.

Debra Butler, veteran Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

"It's a great change from doing high impact and weights.....I've improved my flexibility and's a great overall workout, and it's FUN!"

Nancy Mathews, Nurse and Massage Therapist

"Like many other moms with young children, I used to be in shape. As I return to fitness, Balletone offers me a challenging workout that is easy on the joints. I look forward to each (Balletone) workout for the strength and flexibility gains, with peace of mind that my old knee injury is not going to flare up"

Maia Tolsdorf, mother of 2, freelance photographer

Workshop Testimonials:

"...Jody is an innovator of the highest level. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and has the rare combination of charisma and caring. I left the (certification) workshop feeling completely prepared to be a Balletone instructor and was inspired by Jody's positive, professional and down-to-earth attitude."

Heather Collett,
Program Manager, Association for Utah Community Health