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Whether you currently teach group fitness, yoga, pilates or dance, you can benefit from learning more about Balletone®. Elevate your classes by bringing the Balletone® philosophy, teaching methodology and movements to your students. 

Instructors can learn the Balletone programs through:

If you would like to take a class from a qualified Balletone® Instructor, use our Instructor Locator. Instructors who have attended our live Instructor Trainings and completed subsequent theoretical and practical evaluations to become MBAs (Master Balletone Ambassadors) are listed here.



What started over a decade ago as simply Balletone®, a single dance-based workout, has evolved into a family of programs accommodating a much wider audience of instructors and consumers. All programs, whether fitness, dance, yoga or pilates focused, are rooted in the Balletone® Blueprint for Success™ that formulate a unique approach to class design and delivery.

Balletone® Programs are fast-forwarding the mind-body & fitness movement as one of the hottest fitness trends worldwide. All of our body-blasting and energizing, low-impact, variable intensity workouts consist of a unique blend of strength, flexibility and cardio leaving no muscle untouched. Often referred to as , deceptively challenging workouts that everyBODY can do.

Balletone programs bring mindful movement to the masses.




Balletone® recognizes the need for delivering resources in a wide variety of ways. Whether you want to register for a live training, study Balletone® at home or get a new idea for a class online, we’ve got you covered!

Visit the Balletone® Store to find:

  • music suitable for Balletone® or mind/body classes
  • professional DVDs for both consumers and instructors
  • Instructor Manuals to study the Balletone® programs at home
  • Downloadable choreography & class plans to keep your classes fresh

Instructors that have attended a live course and are interested in being ‘officially’ recognized as Balletone® Instructors can find the MBA and Principal MBA here, as well.